5 Feb 2009
Thawee Guesthouse, Vientiane, Laos
Hotel Room
1 Room

Feb 2009 approx A$31

As the Avalon, our previous hotel refused to budge on price and give us a discount for a long stay, we decided they must have plenty of business and didn't need ours - several other people were checking out the same day as us & by having a sneaky look at the reservations page for the rest of the week they were very few written in guess, who may or may not turn up. Serves them right if they don't - they wouldn't even go a free breakfast or cup of coffee! Seems they have the Thai trait of no customers higher prices for the few they get.

Peter found the Thawee whilst out walking and checked it out. Although not as shiny and new as the Avalon, it's certainly clean and well maintained. Bathrooms seem to be undergoing upgrading as and when there are no guests - not very often. I've heard a lot of stories about room reservations being given away when a physical guest (as opposed to a 'in writing' guest) turns up. Don't know if that happens here - to be honest, they seem too nice to do it, but I'd advise getting here early. The Thawee is often full. Rooms are good with a nice powerful shower, a small fridge, air con and a fan; opening windows negated the need for both, although there were no fly screens in our room. There were several types of room, some without windows, some small, but we had one on the front with a big balcony we shared with the only other room on the front.

Internet access was amazing and CABLE not Wi-FI Woo-Hoo! They supply the extra long cable); I don't think it's available in all rooms, check if you need it - perhaps same with fridges and TV's if you want them. The furnishings didn't seem to be that old, and the bed and pillows were comfortable. There was a writing desk and chair and two not so comfortable solid wood chairs, as well as plenty of storage space. Again there was a plethora of channels on the Satellite or cable TV, seemingly the same as at the Avalon.

There's a nice, cosy friendly atmosphere here, helped immensely by the staff who go out of their way to assist or find out the answers to stupid questions, and there seems to be an endless supply of free coffee - be warned though, it's STRONG.

I have absolutely no doubt that we will return here, Vientiane is a great place to do visa/border runs from Thailand, and I don't think we could possibly do better in terms of value for money. There's even a cheap gym around the corner for Peter to grunt and pull faces under the guise of exercising

I certainly wouldn't hesitate to to return and have already recommend this place to 3 people we've met on buses. The only drawback is there is no lift to get upstairs if you need it, although you would get help with your bags. Staff are amazing, friendly and very helpful. Water, beer etc is sold in the lobby at the same price as local shops and laundry is also the same price.


ThaweeGuesthouse@yahoo.co.(They Answered quickly)

+86521 264915 or +865205814/ +865222214