28 Feb 2009
Khamthavee Guesthouse, Viang Vieng, Laos
Hotel Room
1 Room

Feb 2009 approx A$22

The Khamthavee is a small new guesthouse with basic but very clean rooms. There aren't any whistles or bells, but the bed and pillows were near new and very comfortable, as was the seating.

The Khamthavee is operated by a young couple with two of the most adorable and photogenic children around. A real effort is being put into making people feel at home and they are really bending over backwards to ensure that this happens.

Apart from the lovely family, the biggest draw to the Khamthavee is the location - close to the eating and drinking of Viang Vieng but far enough away to be out of hearing range when the young people have a bit too much to drink or smoke or whatever it is that sends them crazy nowadays.

We looked at several places before choosing this one, and believe we got the best value in town. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. We'll certainly be back.

Internet connection 'Coming Soon'

+865 23 51137 or +865 20 5625429