2 Jan 2008
Thai Hotel, Krabi Thailand
A$25/£12 night
8° 3'46.71"N 98°55'3.00"E
1 room


We got off the bus at the terminal in Krabi, took a local bus to the town centre and flopped into the first hotel we came across. It was cheap, clean and well located so we decided to book a night and look for something else. We didn't get around to finding anywhere else - Krabi was full to bursting with backpackers and accommodation was unlimited. We probably should have had a look around - we might have found something better, but we picked up a WiFi signal from inside the room, so we didn't bother

The approx 200 room Thai Hotel is of the older variety, and the upper floors are being renovated. Rooms ranged from less than half of what we paid for he basic room to the one above us which was the suite - far too big, but hardly any more expensive. The price climbed gradually as you added a tv, window, hot water, air conditioning, fridge and finally dining area and sofa (and a huge screen TV). If there'd have been a fan cooled room with a fridge, we probably would have opted for that, but air con is higher on the list of wants of most people than a fridge. Only a couple of cable channels on TV, but we had internet so who cares.

The air conditioner had no controls - it was either arctic or off. No in betweens. It was a brand new unit with a 5 star energy rating, so there had to be something you could do to turn the temperature up or the fan speed down, but we had the hotel tech bloke come to the room and he told us no. Must have been a remote control somewhere that they didn't want to risk losing. Don't lose it - just turn it down and take it away with you. There were fly screens on the windows though, so we got a bit of fresh air.

Location is good - a small (expensive) supermarket open 6am to way past midnight was opposite the hotel, and the best food in town at the muslim run canteen next door to it along the pavement. There were plenty of mini marts and small canteens and food stalls nearby. There were 3 different night markets within walking distance and all had some good food, although most of it was snack food rather than sit down and eat meals. There were a lot of westerners, mostly backpackers but a few of advancing years, so lots of tourist restaurants, bars and the obligatory Irish bar.

Most people who go to Krabi head straight for the beaches, although we were surprised at how many people at least overnighted in town. Ao Nang and Raily are the two most popular beaches (about 25 minutes by motorbike, although it seemed more like 25 hours with my back seat passenger) complete with McDonalds and Burger King and coffee, coffee, coffee. From here as well as in town, you can get ferries to Koh Lanta (the reason most people head to Krabi) or one of the smaller islands.

We'll probably go back to Krabi - it makes a convenient stop on the road journey from Malaysia to the next destination, and I can't see why we wouldn't stay here again. Maybe we won't be so lazy and have a look around next time though.