12 Jan 2008
Prima Mansion, Pattaya, Thailand
A$10/£4.40 night
12°55'17.87"N 100°52'58.58"E
1 room


We planned to stay in Bangkok for at least one night after our overnight bus trip from Phuket, but we both slept well on the VIP bus and met someone who told us the bus drops us in a new bus station from where it's possible to get a bus directly to Pattaya - it used to involve a trip accross town. He also gave us a couple of recommendations in various price brackets, after a nightmare involving leaving Peters mobile phone on the Phuket to Bangkok bus, then leaving the bag containing passports, credit cards and everything else of importance on the bus from Bangkok to Pattaya (nobody can beleive we got it back), we headed for the closest place we'd been recommended. We both needed a good lie down and a good stiff drink.

As well as being the closest to the bus station, Prima Mansion was also the cheapest. No, that's not a typo. It really is that cheap. The hotel itself is OK - much better than you'd expect for so little money.

The 100-odd rooms were basic and fairly clean - they're renovating at the moment and I don't think they're keeping standards as high as they usually would. There was air conditioning, a small balcony, a fridge and a handful of satellite channels on the TV. The bed and pillows weren't the best we've slept on, but we didn't have a problem.

It seemed to get a bit noisy at night, but we both nodded straight back off when woken. This may have been because we had slept on the bus the night before and then had such a stressful day we were totally knocked out. Could also be because Pattaya is Dirty Old Mansville and lots of comings and goings in cheap hotels. We didn't notice anything out of the ordinary (for a place like Pattaya).


The location isn't ideal - it's a bit far from the beach where all the shops and action are. It should take about 20 minutes to walk which doesn't sound much, but the streets are very, very busy so it actually takes a lot longer than that - maybe double. It's about a 10 minute walk to the tail end of the tourist bars and restaurants, again it doesn't sound much, but it really is a bit far when you consider the amount of accommodation in Pattaya.

There are plenty of local mini marts within a 1 minute walk, some local warungs and food stalls near by, but apart from that little else is around. We even managed to pick up a WiFi signal to check our email.

We decided that we really didn't want to be that basic or isolated, so went looking for alternative lodgings the next morning. We wouldn't stay here again, but if you're on a tight buget, you could do a lot worse. There are also monthly rates, which work out at about A$10/£4.40 per WEEK- I kid you not. One warning - the rooms didn't seem very secure - perhaps the renovations will include new doors and better locks.