6 Feb 2008
Thuy Tien 6 Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
A$22/£10 night
10°46'1.50"N 106°41'22.91"E
1 room


Whilst at the previous hotel, we checked out a few other new looking ones as well as a couple of guesthouses in the area. Only about 100 meters down the road towards the wet markets (but away from the bus station) we came across the They Tien Hotel. When we checked out the room, we asked for one at the back because of the street noise (we'd found out there was a circus of some kind), and they assured us it wouldn't be a problem. We explained that we would only book for one night, and as long as there were no problems we would be staying for a few days. When we actually checked in the next morning, we double checked that we'd be getting the same room at the back as we'd seen the day before - they had very kindly given us a better room, also at the back and a bit bigger. Very nice touch.

The room a fair size with a very comfortable bed and two comfortable pillows each (without even a raised eyebrow when requested). The windows opened, although there were bars so security is or at some time was a problem here. There was also a ceiling fan as well as an air conditioner, a fridge with mini bar at fairly reasonable prices, and the same package of about 50 channels on the satellite TV as at the previous hotel. We didn't try the food, but it was very reasonably priced

Internet access was free and via a supplied cable (you forget how much faster cable is than WiFi when you haven't had it for a while).

As well as a very powerful shower, there was a half bath - not really deep enough to be a hip bath (I don't think - never seen one, but I imagine the water would come up to your hips) but only about ¾ the length of a regular bath.

The staff were amazing - very friendly and helpful, nothing was too much trouble and no hanging around for tips. The receptionist and daytime security guard get a special gold star - they were great.

We're moving on up the coast the Na Trang tomorrow, then will be heading back to HCMC for a few days before heading down into the Mekong Delta region, and will definitely be staying here when we're back in town.

Thoroughly recommended.

UPDATE 26 FEB. When we returned to Saigon from Nha Trang, we decided we wanted to stay in a guesthouse for a few nights. We booked an overnight trip to the Mekong Delta, and decided we'd return to this hotel. I came in and reserved the room FIVE days in advance. No problem. I offered to pay the first night, but they said no, no problem. When we turned up dusty, dirty and tired from a pretty rough 2 day tour at 6.30pm to find they'd given our room away - not because it was late, it had been given away the day before. We checked out the one next door which is much, much better value for money. Review here