15 Mar 2008
Royal Hotel, Battenbang, Cambodia
A$18/£8.50 night
12°56'8.46"N 103° 6'35.80"E
1 room


Ammo, who Peter went on the motorbike tour with recommended a hotel in Battenbang, but it had closed down a couple of weeks earlier, so after a quick squiz around the hotels in town, we decided on the Royal as being best value for money.

Again, we took the room with all the bells and whistles - big, hot water, ceiling fan, air conditioning, cable TV, a fridge, a couple of huge heavy teak chairs and a balcony and an opening window - unfortunately no fly screens although mozzie's didn't seem to be a problem. The hotel has a range of rooms going down to very basic (but very cheap) cabin-type rooms/dorms on the rooftop, where there was a restaurant that nobody ever seemed to use, several very comfortable chairs and a hammock, all in a nice garden setting, so it was very pleasant to sit up there and read.

The solid teak bed and pillows were both comfortable, not so the equally solid teak chairs - no matter how good they looked.

There was no Wi-Fi, but there was internet access in the reception area and they had no problem with me plugging the laptop in - an amazing number of places, including internet cafe's won't allow you to do this.

Being an older hotel, the rooms were massive with very solid walls so nice and quiet, and kept very clean. There was no lift, but we were on the first floor so it wasn't a problem. Our room had a hip bath, which Peter was a bit skeptical about until he tried it - what it lacked in length it made up for in depth. Laundry was the same price as on the street, about a dollar a kilo (unusual in hotels, which usually charge ridiculous amounts and usually by the item not by the kilo), and delivered a before lunch if you put it in before 10am.

The location is great - down a quiet side street in the town centre about a minute walk to the market. There are several mini-marts and literally dozens of pharmacies and hair dressers within walking distance - the town itself is very small, so everything is within walking distance - the longest walk we had was to check out where the town gym was for Peter to go to - about a kilometer out of town, but a pleasant walk and Peter was able to cool off with a swim in the pool before walking back when he went.

Battenbang is a popular stop off point for people travelling independantly due to it's proximity to the Thai border. The Royal also act as agents and book tickets for a bus company with a daily service directly to Bangkok - a minivan picks you up at the hotel and takes you on the one minute ride to the bus station.

Doubt you will find better value for money in Battenbang - there are a couple of more upmarket hotels with prices to match, which really weren't good value, and several similar priced hotels which were nowhere near as good. As long as the stairs are no problem, highly recommended.