18 Mar 2008
New Central Guesthouse, Bangkok, Thailand
A$12/£5.50 night
13°45'31.16"N 100°29'58.60"E
1 room


The bus from Cambodia dropped us off in nightmare city - Khao San Road, the backpacker centre of the world. It was late at night so we checked into the first clean hotel we could find, knowing that we would need to stay an extra night so we had time to sort out somewhere decent to stay as we were intending to hang around for 4 weeks.

The whatever it's called is a fairly large family run guesthouse/hotel with no lift - we got a room on the second floor. The room itself was clean and as basic as they come, no frills, just a comfortable bed, and as you can see from the photo a bit on the small side - only just enough room to store our merge luggage - but there was free Wi-Fi in the room. Can't remember if it belonged to the hotel or if it was just an unsecured signal we picked up, but it worked just fine. There was air conditioning but (as always) it pointed straight at the bed and there was no ceiling fan, but on the up side, the louvre windows opened, had fly screens to keep the mozzie's out and caught a really nice breeze.

Location is a dream or a nightmare, depending on if you want to be in backpacker central. It is down an alleyway off a quiet side street, so there was no problems with noise. Mini-marts, local food and all the international chain food and coffee outlets were within very short walking distance.

Hopefully we'll never have to endure Khao San Road again, but if we did, I suppose this place is OK for a night or two - just don't expect any frills and you won't be disappointed. Just have to try and remember the name.

UPDATE MAY 2008 - Previously called Can't remember it's name, we stayed at this guesthouse on an overnight stay in Bangkok and it was as good as previously - this time we had a better room on the 5th floor and discovered that the wifi connection does indeed come from the hotel.