4 Sep 2008
DC Chalet, Cherating, Malaysia
A$24/£11 Night
4° 7'35.19"N 103°23'46.40"E


We had a couple of days up our sleeves before checking into a resort just outside Cherating, so checked into these Chalets in the village.

DC Chalet is a collection of about a dozen chalets which are currently being renovated. The chalet was basic but clean, although I have to say that the dark wood made the interior a little dark.

There was air conditioning and a TV with local channels, but no fridge or hot water - the "cold" water is never much more than cool in the tropics, so it really didn't matter.

Location is just over the road from the beach on the main road of the very quiet village, with a mini mart (same ownership) on the doorstep.

There is very little to do in Cherating except sit on the beach (where you take your chances with the sandflies).

There is only one road going through the villae, 3 rather expensive mini marts (no newspapers) and 5 or 6 very average canteens. We were in Cherating for Ramadan, and as most of the eateries are Malay, there was only one open during the day. After a year on the road where we have only had a couple of mozzie bites, we (and everybody else here) were averaging half a dozen a day. Being back from the beach gives no relief from the sandflies and plug in mozzie zapper didn't seem to have any effect at all.

Buses run to Kuantan once or twice an hour (not on any schedule) and the interstate buses have a designated pickup stop on the main highway, about 5 minutes walk from the village.

Cherating was a nice place to do nothing for a couple of days, but I can't see us returning here in a hurry.