6 Sep 2008
Legend Resort, Cherating, Malaysia
A$225/£106 Week
4° 6'2.05"N
Timeshare Rental


Picked this bargain basement timeshare rental up from Dial An Exchange.

The Legend resort is a very large hotel about 5km from Cherating Village and about 49km from Kuantan. In Asia, it is given 4 stars, but by western standards would be 3.

As we rented a studio room sleeping 6 we were given 2 interconnecting rooms, which caused amusement for all. The rooms were very clean, had tea and coffee making facilities, a huge and very comfortable bed, a lovely two seater (which must have been a sofa bed) and a mini fridge.

There was an almost obscene amount of storage, and the TV had all local channels, two movie channels, BBC World, Australia Network and MTV China. The very large balcony had good quality chairs and a table.

There were two pools, one of which had a waterfall over a long disused pool bar, and there was a small number of beds - not all of which had foam mattresses. Mozzies and sandflies weren't as much of a problem here as they were in Cherating village.

The restaurants were as expensive as could be expected from a resort hotel, and the bar even more so for some reason. Free and fast WiFi was available in the lobby and restaurants, but couldn't be picked up from anywhere else. Peter was disappointed with the gym - old equipment and no free weights - but said the sauna and jacuzzi were OK.

The resort is on the main highway, with a bus service from Kuantan that doesn't appear to run to any schedule, but there is a bus once every hour or so. Just outside the resort there are a handful of canteens - the Chinese ones specialize in seafood - and two very small mini marts.

We were quoted A$62/£29 per night for additional nights (it's deathly quiet and therefore cheap during Ramadan), but I wouldn't be happy had I paid this much. Most discount web sites quote higher rates - US$80-odd - and this is possibly why the resort has so many negative reviews on the net. I think a lot of westerners come here expecting a bit of luxury and are quite disappointed as the resort is quite old and hasn't been maintained as well as it could have been, but if you accept that 4 star is subjective in this part of the world, the Legend really isn't such a bad place and if we get the chance to come back at this price we will.