12 Nov 2008
Tune Hotel, KL, Malaysia
RM 67/night
3° 9'37.11"N 101°41'48.67"E
1 room

At 12 Nov approx AU$28

A last minute change of plan saw us overnight in KL en route to Medan. Don't think I've ever seen anything this cheap in such a good location in KL.

Tune Hotel is the new breed of discount accommodation that I think we'll be seeing a lot more of in the future. It appears to be connected with the budget airline Air Asia - it has the same colours, the same good attitude and the same pay extra for everything.

The room was small but very modern and clean with a fold up writing desk hanging from the wall. I was surprised that there was a laptop size safe in the room. The bed and pillows were very comfortable, but there was no other furniture in the room.

Single rooms and rooms facing an internal air well were available for less money, and like Air Asia, the further ahead you book, the cheaper it is. We booked a couple of days before leaving Australia so got the same deal as we would have if we'd walked up.

The basic rate we paid was RM57 with a RM10 admin fee (why not just say the basic rate is RM67? Because they can advertise lower prices, just like when you see an airfare advertised for $10 but by the time you add everything on it's closer to $100). We paid an extra RM5 for a towel and toiletries and RM13.50 for 12 hours use of air conditioning because we weren't sure how hot and sticky it would be. As it turned out, we didn't use it as there was a ceiling fan (but I don't know if all rooms have these so check). WiFi is also available, from memory RM12 for 24 hours which is very reasonable.

Location is amazing for the price. About 1km from the twin towers with a large food court just over the road, a few hawker stalls nearby and a couple of good Indian canteens within a couple of minutes walk. There is a 7-11 on the ground floor as well as a coffee shop and snack bar - both were closed when we arrived and before we left, but there are plenty of options outside if they are no good.

Watch out for the shuttle bus spruiked on the web site. It will take you directly from the airport to the hotel for only RM45 per person. However, the airport bus takes you to KL Sentral train station for just RM8 per person from where you can hop on the Monorail for RM2.50 to the Tuanku Rahman monorail station which is literally two minutes walk from the hotel. Alternatively, you should be able to get a taxi from KL Sentral for RM5 but will probably pay RM15 thanks to the taxi mafia. Don't bother getting upset - locals get charged the same price and get just as angry as tourists.

All in all, a good place to stay. It seemed to be full of backpackers, and why not being spotlessly clean at this price. A little too late for us (and others on our flight who had to be up at the crack of dawn to get back to the airport), but a Tune hotel is being built right on the Low Cost Carrier Terminal. No doubt it will be more expensive than the one in the city, but the expense and inconvenience of the hour ride into town will make it worth quite a bit more.