19 Oct 2007
Sun Inns, Sunway, KL , Malaysia
A$29/£12 night
3°4'21.82"N 101°36'17.66"E
1 Room


The Sun Inns is a perfectly acceptable budget hotel at Sunway in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. We found it on the internet - booked here because I was going to be checking into the much posher neighbouring Sunway Pyramid on Sunday 21st, the day Peter was going to the motorbike racing. We figured it would be easier if I didn't have too far to go.

The Sun Inns promotes itself as a boutique budget hotel. The reception and corridors have a trendy look, and there is a lot of information on noticeboards about public transport etc almost as if it wants to be a backpacker place. Most of the people here were 20-something Malaysians looking as if they were here for the weekend. The rooms are small but very clean. There is no fridge or kettle, but in the corridor there is a hot/cold dispenser with boiling or chilled water. WiFi access is available free of charge, but the password must have been recently changed as all members of staff gave me the same (wrong) one. Cable access is available 24 hours in the conference room - only one cable but I seemed to be the only person using it, so it wasn't a problem. Hairdryer, safety deposit box, iron and car steering lock (?) are available on request. There was a writing desk and chair in the room, no wardrobe but several coathangers on hooks behind the door. The shower was an open affair as in many budget hotels - no screen, so you have to remember to take the toilet roll out and lift the seat before turning the water on. There was a wall mounted fan as well as an air conditioner, which is a really good idea and I don't know why more hotels don't have this as fans are much nicer than air con and an awful lot cheaper to run.

Hotel room

Most of the rooms were internal (no windows), with only a handful facing the street. We were only there two nights, but still we figured it was worth paying the A$3.30/£1.40 extra for a deluxe room - although small, it was quite a bit bigger than the windowless ones which were tiny. If you were stuck and only wanted a night here it wouldn't be so bad in one of those rooms. The downside of facing the street was the noise from traffic and the surrounding canteens, but it was really only during the day. The television had ESPN, Star Movies and National Geographic as well as local channels. Staff were very helpful and friendly.

The bed was not too bad, a bit saggy in the middle but we've slept on much worse.

The location of the Sun Inns is magnificent. A two minute walk gets you to the Sunway Pyramid (huge shopping centre with an ice-skating rink in the middle of it) and the Sunway Lagoon water theme park. There are numerous canteens and local restaurants all around the hotel, and food courts (plural) in the shopping centre. The hotel is half way between two KTM railway stations, a bit too far for most people to walk to, and a bit closer to an underground station. Buses run regularly into KL (about 15 minutes journey). A 24 hour convenience store is practically next door, as is a laundrette.

Finally, I have got to give a plug for the Indian canteen directly opposite reception. Quite possibly the best and just about cheapest food we've had since arriving.

Given the location, it is very good value and the alternative hotels in the area cost upwards of A$100/£42 per night. Should we be in the area again, I would have no qualms about staying here.