13 Nov 2007
Ritz Garden Hotel, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
A$42/£18 night
101° 5'2.93"E
1 Room


We checked out the Ritz Garden because we saw it advertised on a local tourist map as a boutique hotel with free internet access in every room. The hotel looked OK, the price was right so we took a super deluxe room. We didn't realise that we would also have access to the "Golden Lounge" which was a real bonus.

The Ritz Garden is a 3 or 4 years old, 180 room hotel advertised on various web sites as 3 star, a rating I would agree with. The Super deluxe rooms are of average size, kept very clean with a comfortable bed and pillows and a trendy, good looking (but hard on your bum) seat, a writing desk and chair and a mini bar fridge. The top two floors don't have wireless internet, but cable is much faster anyway. The water pressure in the shower was as good as we've experienced so far in Malaysia and the electrical sockets are "multi" shaped, meaning any kind of plug will fit so there's no need for adapters. First time we've seen these and we're left with a kind of why hasn't anyone thought of it before in hotels feeling.

The hotel has a gym in the building next door, which we presume was the old hotel and is still operating. Peter gave it approval, even though he had to pay A$3/£1.30 to use it. Worth it because it's really a Health Spa with steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, finger food and TV as well as massage (extra charge).

Hotel room

Probably the best part of the stay was the Golden Lounge - we were on the club floor so had open access to it all day (11am to 11pm). Just like a small airline lounge, there was finger food, fried rice and noodles, soft drinks decent coffee and newspapers, magazines, a computer with internet access, comfortable seating and big TV with more cable channels than in the room. Peters' new best mate Kamar, who is Nepalese, was on duty all week and was a mine of information on all manner of subjects. There was also an amazing view of Ipoh from the lounge, with the limestone karsts towering over the valley in which the town sits. We seemed to be the only people using the lounge, which suited us just fine.

Breakfasts were good with plenty of variety (mostly Asia) lots of fruit and good hot coffee.

The location is good, in town but not right in the centre so quiet at night. Plenty of canteens and mini marts surround it although the market and supermarket is about a 15 minute walk. Buses don't pass by, but do so about two minutes walk away.


All in all the Ritz Garden was a great find and comes highly recommended.